The Base Camp! :)
The site Alvaro chose to camp at was "Bald Rocks". Just below the highest point in Harriman State Park 1382 feet above sealevel (421 meters).
We set up our tent next to one of the Park's shelters. Our tent was a 4 person dome tent and we split the parts up amongst ourselves to spread the load. We were a little concerned about the wind, when we set up the tent it almost blew away! We put our packs inside and that seemed to hold it down. The wind settled down later, there were only a couple of times in the night when I thought we might have problems, but we made it ok.
The shelter on the other hand was NOT going to blow away! It was made of VERY large slabs of stone. I am sure the people who built the shelter found all of the rocks near by. All of the slabs were "Highland Gneiss" the local rock.
There was a little fire place in the shelter. We used the fire place Saturday evening. It was a challenge to get the fire started, but once it was going, it was quite warm.